Course on Professional Management of Water Well Drilling Projects and Programmes

This online course offers participants an introduction to the professional management of water well drilling projects and programmes. It provides an overview of what is required to improve professionalism in the organisations and countries in which they work.

The course provides participants with an understanding of the following key elements: groundwater information, siting, costing and pricing, procurement and contract management, borehole drilling and supervision and how professional drilling is affected by the wider institutional environment. Throughout the course, the participants are required to reflect on the pros and cons of practices and policies in their own organisation, organisations that they work with and country.

Using state-of-the-art materials, i.e. videos, documents, presentations and websites, the course builds up to a final assignment whereby participants are tasked with exploring actions that could be taken within their own organisations, local authority and/or country to improve borehole drilling professionalism.

The course is open to a maximum of 100 participants. Participants should ideally be involved in the budgeting, planning, procurement, management, implementation, supervision, monitoring of water supply projects or programmes, or be involved in water resources monitoring, regulation or other governance aspects. The six-week course is designed for both those with a technical (i.e. engineering/science) and those with a non-technical (i.e. social science/economics/arts/politics) background.

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  • Peche

    The course is extremely vital for carrier development and practical experience improvement with regard to water well drilling, obtaining potential ground water information, siting , costing, pricing and contract management.

  • dabo

    Hi dear colleagues, I’m Dabo Boubacar. as a humanitarian working in the field of site planning and wash in refugees camps. this course through the forums will strengthen my skills in drilling. it will also be an opportunity for me to share the difficulties we encounter in our operation in drilling operations. And especially in managing the boreholes together with the communities

  • Bahati

    Module II of this course is WoW!