Welcome to the Pilot Course on IWRM as Climate Change Adaption Tool

Cap-Net´s Virtual Campus is currently under development and it´s first version will be operational by September 2014 through a pilot course on “IWRM as a Climate Change Adaptation Tool” will launch Cap-Net´s Virtual Campus. The pilot course is a means to test the platform and explore possible structures, activities, and methodologies which Cap-Net affiliated networks and partners may use for the design and delivery of virtual courses.

Participants´ invitation and future use of the platform

Up to 20 capacity builders from Cap-Net affiliated networks and partners as the World Meteorological Organisation and UNESCO-IHE are invited to participate in this pilot course. In addition to their commitment to complete the course and follow all suggest activities, participants are asked to provide inputs and recommendations in regard of both the technical functioning of the virtual platform as well as the course structures and methodology.

Course objectives

Beyond testing Cap-Net´s Virtual Campus which is under development, and the methodologies for virtual trainings delivery, the course objective is:

Introduce general integrated water resources management (IWRM) and climate change related concepts and the practical application of IWRM as an instrument for adaptation to climate change.

Learning objectives

By the end of the course participants should:

  • understand the main reasons for taking an IWRM approach and be aware of some areas where IWRM can assist adaptation to climate change;
  • explain the basic concepts of climate variability and climate change and identify climate change impacts on the water cycle, ecosystems and water use;
  • have elements for strategic development and planning for adaptation;
  • understand the various types of uncertainties involved in dealing with climate change;
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  • A must course for everyone! Thank you Cap-Net and all partners.

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