• Estimados participantes: Creé este foro como un espacio para que tod@s nos presentemos así nos conocemos un poco más.

    Mi nombre es Damián Indij, probablemente escuchen mucho de mí en las próximas semanas y espero que tod@s disfruten el curso. Vivo en Buenos Aires, Argentina, desde donde coordino el campus virtual de Cap-Net. Tengo una Maest…[Read more]

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    Dear participants, I created this forum as a space for all of us to present ourselves so we get to know each other a little bit.

    My name is Damian Indij, you will probably hear from me a lot in the coming weeks and I hope you all enjoy the course. I´m based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, from where I coordinate Cap-Net´s virtual campus. So I´m de…[Read more]

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    Metodologías para la evaluación, verificación y comunicación de la huella de agua de un producto, servicio o negocio
    A nivel mundial existe una demanda creciente por parte de las organizaciones con respecto a her […]

    • Thank you Damian for this piece of information

    • Adane replied 1 week ago

      My name is Adane Mengesha. I´m based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. So I´m deeply involved in water Related Design and construction works. I have a Masters in Civil Engineering and Bachelors Degree in Water Resources Engineering.

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    A facilitated edition of this course was delivered between January and February 2019. Course contents are now open to all interested persons at no costs. To access course contents you only need to be registered in […]

  • Dear Roderico: this is the response from Prof. Ivan Silva:

    Dear Federico,

    Your answers are also in the same line as the answers given by Le Doux, In the case of the modification of other river deltas to the magnitude of the Fraser River delta needs more scientific investigations.

  • Dear Wamba: this is the response from Prof. Ivan Silva:

    Dear Wamba Le Doux
    You are quite correct there several intergovernmental as well as public-private partnerships in the Danube River basin for sustainable management of the River system. They have done a fair amount of work for sustainable management, floodplains of the Danube River in…[Read more]

  • Dear Ledoux, this is Fabien´s reponse to you:

    Dear Ledoux,
    Thanks for your elaboration on the questions addressed by Module 3. A good wrap up, which i will complete with a few precisions.
    1. Ecoystem functions represent the functional roles of ecosystems derived from processes that take place as the results of interactions between the different…[Read more]

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  • Los invitamos a participar en este foro para reflexionar sobre la siguiente declaración y compartir sus opiniones:

    El reconocimiento de los derechos humanos al agua y al saneamiento viene con un paquete de normas que los gobiernos tienen la obligación de cumplir progresivamente. Los estándares claros ayudan a establecer puntos de referencia pa…[Read more]

  • Very good points! So a regular is key! As well as giving voices to people as it was noticed before in this forum. Monitoring and accountability are drivers for this.

  • Hi George, thanks for your comment. You mention a very important aspect of water services: its complexity makes most of the persons unaware of how things work. We mostly want water to come out of the tab. Do we know where is it coming from? Do we know where is to going to after we used it? This makes the water sector attractive for those who want…[Read more]

  • Thanks Eman, nice having you in this course. I hope you fin valuable knowledge and should be able to make a good contribution. Your country, as most countries, is in the need for changes in line with water integrity.

  • Thanks for your comments and for bringing key concepts as regulatory tools, monitoring, law enforcement , and finally how important is giving a voice to everybody!! We would be living a different world if we could hear, see, and feel empathy for all. The good thing is that all these concepts are embraced in effective water governance and water…[Read more]

  • Many thanks for your elaborate response! Giving this complexity and knowing how deep and far this problematic situation is embedded in societies, one possible answer is creating “integrity islands” which may start working differently and the be replicated in other “islands” and so on. Something to think about and aim for.

  • ¿Cuál es la condición de las mujeres en su país, respecto al acceso al agua? ¿Conoce los datos?

    Teniendo como punto de referencia los ODS 5 (Equidad de Género) y 6 (Agua Limpia y Saneamiento), ¿cree usted que su país cumplirá con las metas establecidas? Si la respuesta es afirmativa, comente por qué cree que sí lo alcanzará.

    Por favor, no e…[Read more]

  • This is a very interesting point, do we know what are we paying when we pay for water? How do water invoices look like? Being transparent with prices (how they are built, what are we paying for, are subsidies considered?) is a must-do activity to improve water governance & water integrity. Many thanks!

  • Hi Guilherme, thanks very much for your comment and for noticing the interaction between sectors (this is very well covered in the training manual and it´s recommended reading for sure). I share your view on the mutually enhanced approach, and being co-dependant -to continue building this concept-. On the knowledge side, I think that along the…[Read more]

  • Thanks so much for yoru accurate statement, hope we all agreed with this and then move towards the necessary actions. We will see change when new policies and mechanisms are implemented. A huge challenge sometime sis moving beyond words.

  • Thanks Carolina, you bring to our discussion table a very interesting concept and question: in a way we need more interactions to ensure transparent mechanisms, but on the other hand these increased interactions may generate new opportunities for corruption, this is quite a challenge for all of use promoting water integrity. We never said it was…[Read more]

  • ¿Por qué la integridad y la lucha contra la corrupción son algunas de las áreas menos abordadas en la gobernanza del agua? Aquí siguen algunas preguntas orientadoras con el objetivo de iniciar un valioso intercambio de opiniones:

    • ¿Qué intereses y quiénes podrían verse afectados?
    • ¿Qué viene primero: la gobernanza del agua efectiva o la…[Read more]

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