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    The effort to incorporate gender into irrigation planning played an important role in improving the development of the communities within Tanzania. Creating systems that ensure that women can fully implement their own roles (small scale farming, tending animals) with out the burden of fetching water, strengthens the vitality not only the women…[Read more]

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    I find the video an interesting example of sanitation promotion with limited citizen engagement.

    The slogan, “Toilets for all,” does imply that everyone deserves safe sanitation. Lack of toilets does leads to high risk to a broad range of health issues. For women, lack of a toilet sometimes means that women must defecate in the open and fear…[Read more]

  • I appreciate the list of priorities as a framework for which to follow. I find it interesting that industry comes so far down the list. I believe that it is critical for eco-systems, wildlife, and natural river flow to be placed higher up the list for purposes of sustainability. These components just so rarely compete well against…[Read more]

  • I would like to contrast the challenges of goal 9, developing Infrastructure and Industrialization, with goal 6.3, minimizing the release of hazardous chemicals into water. In some Latin American countries, a boom and bust of oil development has increased access to roads, but has also created concern around water quality where oil development has…[Read more]

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