• Hello Shamim,

    That is a good effort by your government. There is dire need for policy advocacy in Nigeria for the stakeholders and especially the Nigerian government to see drought as life threaten issue and to give it the necessary attention. Though over the years, our government has been found making effort to addressing it but no worthy nor…[Read more]

  • Dear all, some of the missing points in Nigeria efforts toward addressing drought include:

    • Lack of a national and regional drought policy framework;

    •Limited coordination institutions that provide different types of drought early warning, risk management and risk reduction, that results from a national policy;

    • Inadequate social impac…[Read more]

  • Dear all,
    In response to question 3 : Specific actions not applied and would be recommended.

    . Over the years Nigerian government has been making efforts to tackle drought, desertification and inadequate availability of quality water in the country. However, the efforts have not yield tangible result due to the following:

    . Stakeholders at…[Read more]

  • In response to question 2: Actions taken so far in Nigeria to minimize the emergency impact of drought

    . Digging of boreholes at community level to increase water availability
    . Planting of drought resistant trees especially in the states like Sokoto, Katsina, Kebbi states e.t.c
    . Enlightenment on the use of irrigation systems in the drought…[Read more]

  • Dear all,

    In Nigeria, drought has been and continues to be a major challenge to food security and health of Nigerians especially in northern part of the country and attention has always been given to it when it has got to advanced state. This means that intervention has always been directed to mitigating its impacts and little or no preventing…[Read more]

  • Yes, its true that everybody suffers during severe drought. Both the rich, the poor and the ecosystem. India is taking giant steps to address the issue. However in Sub Saharan Africa, much more have to be done by the government and other stakeholders else, the future of the coming generation may be at great risk!

  • Dear Carlos,

    In response to question 2: water knowledge needed to move into strategic planning task are:

    1. Integrated development approach that is encompasses on sustainable development such that social, economic and environmental issues are taking care of.
    2. Indigenous knowledge specific to that community which are useful in managing water.…[Read more]

  • Dear Carlos,

    Every body will be affected from severe drought events. Be it plants, animals and humans. The environment and ecosystem entirely will be affected. In-terms of humans, the vulnerable such as the women, the children, the less privileged, the orphans, the poor will have it effect most. Farmers whose livelihood depends on rain-fed…[Read more]

  • In response to your question to Emma and Leadoux, network organization can best be coordinated through the establishment of a national and states platform on drought risk reduction.

    The platform will comprise of important stakeholders from government and non governmental organizations whose activities are around drought risk and water resource…[Read more]

  • The best way to get the attention of government in Nigeria is through advocacy. This includes constant dialogue with the government on the issue of the matter. Giving them facts and figures on the need for what the advocacy request for and the benefits that they and the citizens will derive if things are done as they ought to.

    National workshops…[Read more]

  • An integrated approach helps us in managing drought risk by promoting equity in water access, economic efficiency in interventions and environmental sustainability.

    It helps to address key water issues during drought through the following : decrease demand/demand management, increase supply of water from other sources and reallocation of water…[Read more]

  • Drought risk tells us that water management should be given a priority and encompassing approach in any country. Drought problem can fully be addressed when all the different parts of water cycle are looked into. For example, in Nigeria, only meteorological drought is given attention and this is only in norther part of the country whereas…[Read more]

  • Drought is very unique from other hazards because its onset is very slow and latent while its impacts may last for several years unlike other hazards.For example in Nigeria, evident of drought is every where in northern parts of the country and government has been trying to provide solution but no tangible result while they left out the southern…[Read more]

  • Those the impacts of drought in Nigeria is heavy and evident all over the country, most efforts are always on adaptation and mitigation rather that prevention. Drought monitoring and early warning system has not been given A worthwhile attention that can provide tangible solution in shortest time possible.

  • Dear All,

    Drought monitoring system currently used in Nigeria are still very crude. There is little efforts toward improving it on the parts of the government. Farmers mostly device their own means to survive while developing organizations also made contribution.

    Most monitoring systems put in place by the government have low efficiency and…[Read more]

  • In summary, designing appropriate water laws and regulations and strengthening private and public institutions to administer them. Use of formal water markets can effectively address rising demands for ground water and for those founds in rivers, lakes and canals.

    2. Exposing farming households to climate smart agriculture

    3. Improving the…[Read more]

  • Existing technologies, policy and institutional risk management measures needs to be strengthened and integrated. A proactive approach that combines promising technological, institutional and policy solutions to manage the risks within vulnerable communities implemented by institutions operating at different levels-community, sub-national and…[Read more]

  • Social elements

    Continuous population growth
    Social behaviour
    Cultural composition
    Human activities
    Water use system
    Weak governance and policy

    Economic elements

    Poverty level among the people
    Economic developmental systems available
    Diversity of economic base in the country, region or area

    Ecological element

    Land use pattern…[Read more]

  • Which legal issues comes up during drought regarding water permit?
    Since access to quality and sufficient quantity of water for all is essential for human survival, government and other stakeholders needs to address it with ultmost seriousness by putting in place relevant legal issues such as water law and regulations, effective water policy and…[Read more]

  • Hi Santha Mohan,

    To measure the impacts of drought, there is a need for the development of its quantitative measures depending on the discipline affected, the region being considered, and the particular application. I agree with the contribution of others stated above but the human aspect of drought needs to be looked into as well. As much…[Read more]

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