• I would like to discuss this first topic about the intrinsic characteristics of water sector that make it highly sensitive to and dependent on multi-level governance:
    1- Water policy is inherently complex and strongly linked to domains that are critical for development, including health, environment, agriculture, energy, spatial planning,…[Read more]

  • I would like to discuss the second Question: Preparing cities to address water security before the full weight of these disruptions is upon them requires an accelerated, expansive, strategic effort aimed at strengthening the efficacy of urban water resource management. It will also require the collective action of municipal governments, the…[Read more]

  • Hello everyone,Let me that focus on the economic, social and environmental drivers to reuse and recycle the treated wastewater in my country, because we are suffering from water scarcity and low rainfal, and therefore the incidence of flooding is low .

    Environmental drivers: Environmental sustainability by reducing the emission of pollutants into…[Read more]

  • I agree with you;
    In my opinion, the concept of integrated water resource management is a broad concept and IUWM is included in it.

  • I agree with statement “c”. This is because,the region’s water scarcity challenges have been apparent for hundreds of years.however ,newer challenges are adding both hazards and complexity due to The complexities of the water-food-energy nexus, climate change, droughts and floods, water quality, , and particularly, management of water in the conte…[Read more]

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  • My name is Haya Mando. I live in Syria, Homs. I have a certificate in Civil Engineering from Al Baath University and now I study Master in Water Resources Management. I work at the Higher Institute of Water Management as a Research Assistant. I am pleased to participate in this course

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