• Dear Andre Le Doux and bu Ratih,
    As with Ratih, I also agree that in many developing countries ignorance of long term sustainable thinking is still only lip-service only. Since most of these countries are focusing their attention to the most urgent needs, which is in many cases combating poverty. Climate change is long term thinking and planning,…[Read more]

  • Dear bu Ratih,
    Thank your network for your input. One of our members of our CKNet network, Diponegoro University in Semarang has been part of a study team to investigate the coastline Southwest of the Wulan Delta, from the city of Semarang towards the Wulan Delta, in the Demak Coastal area, where some serious erosion did occur. Luckily the…[Read more]

  • Dear Ledoux,

    thank you for the information on the Wouri Delta in Cameroun. Your story is also interesting to read. Essentially the main issue in the delta it is the rapid degradation of coastal environment in the delta: Pollution and uncontrolled removal of the mangrove for fuel purposes by the local community. That is pity. Perhaps it is not too…[Read more]

  • Dear Lawrence Ogban,
    Thank you for your input. Very interesting for me. I had worked in Nigeria for several projects when I worked for NEDECO, the Dutch Consulting Engineering Company. Among others the master plan for the Niger river (that was a very long time ago), further for drainage problems in Port Harcourt (Palm oil estate) and Ibadan…[Read more]

  • Dear Roderico,

    thank you for your input to this discussions.

    I agree with you that a programmed and systematic monitoring system is essential, especially in case structures are projected along the coast for construction. The monitoring system should include an observation and survey program to understand the hydro-morphological behaviour of the…[Read more]

  • Dear Sandy Massaquoi,
    Thank you for your participation in the discussion. If a beach is in equilibrium, there is a long term balance between erosion and sedimentation, and the beach is in a so called dynamic equilibrium. When people start building structures or start to make changes to the beach they disturb the dynamic equilibrium.The beach will…[Read more]

  • David Michel wrote in his article: The Policy Challenges: Looking Ahead:

    “…Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM), incorporating holistic environmental risk assessments into sustainable development planning that balances economic and social objectives with the preservation of vital ecosystem services. Currently, much coastal zone man…[Read more]

  • The Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100 aims to ”realize a sustainable delta vision, long term strategy and plan, agreed with all stakeholders, for an optimum level of water safety and food security as well as economic growth and a framework for its implementation. The long term (50 to 100 year), integrated and holistic plan would ensure safe living and s…[Read more]

  • Attn. ibu Ratih,

    One f the main problems in Jakarta and Semarang is subsidence of the norther parts of the cities. These causes floods not only from the rivers, but now also from the sea. In Semarang they call it Rob. This occurs during high floods and in some parts the areas are almost permanent below average sea level. Land subsidence is caused…[Read more]

  • Attn. Lawrence Ogban,

    It seems that your country is vulnerable to droughts and/or floods as these disasters potentially destroy crops and food production. An integrated approach to water resources management to ensure sustainable food production is worth to consider. I guess your county has already some IWRM policy to cope with these droughts and…[Read more]

  • Attn Ledoux,

    in 2010 the Cameroun government had launched an integrated coastal zone management program part 2, where neighbouring countries are participated. The major component of the plan is indeed protecting of the marine environment against pollutants from land. I think there must be a national strategic Action Plan to manage the coastal…[Read more]

  • Thank you very much for your comment Ledoux and ibu Ratih. Please find below my general reply on your comments.

    1. No erosion problem exists …….
    Erosion can be part of a natural process, or induced/generated by human interventions, for example by building structures on/or close to the beach. Generally, an erosion problem exists if the…[Read more]

  • What will be the impacts of climate change on natiural hazards like droughts, floods,cyclones, heat & cold wave, sea level rise, etc. in your country?

    What is the best tool available to increase the resilience of the coastal communities in your country?

    Write your answers in a short note not exceeding 100 words.

  • Give your short opinion on the 5 arguments below. Please write maximal 2–3 sentences for each argument.

    1. No erosion problem exists until people lay out property lines and build. Beach changes only trouble people who have strong attachments to immovable objects and fixed lines.

    2. Shoreline engineers are rarely, if ever, called in to s…[Read more]

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