• Dear Lilliana and Daniel, climate change certainly affects women and the poor disproportionately, demonstrating their gender impacts, but even today the analysis of climate vulnerabilities and adaptation strategies has been very limited.

    In this sense, complementing my friend Daniel, so that the various actions proposed by him can be implemented…[Read more]

  • Dear associates, the course has been a unique opportunity to share information and experiences related to water issues and sustainability with a focus on gender.

    Complementing the discussion, and already taking advantage of the brilliant considerations put forward by Vasudah, Daniel, Deborah and Vahn, I emphasize in the case of Tanzania, the…[Read more]

  • The focus on inclusion is aligned permanent defense of full and effective participation of society in the discussion and implementation of development policies with a view to including equitable perception of their benefits.

    In particular, I understand that overcoming inequality is a central guideline to improve the international framework…[Read more]

  • Dear friends, it is very good to know the reality of several countries in dealing with this important issue, compared to all the position papers, the big question that comes to my mind is: privatize water is an environmental solution to ensure universal access and the conservation of watersheds or a simple way to economic control of society,…[Read more]

  • Good morning everyone.
    Glad to know each of these noble colleagues fighting for water management in their countries and the world.
    I am a researcher in the field of transboundary water resources in the Amazon, master in environmental law and alternate director of the State Water Resources Council.
    My interest in the course relates to the…[Read more]

  • Good morning, I’m having trouble accessing the course module “Gender mainstreaming”. Realize login and clicking the module, the following message appears: “Take the course to view this content.”

    I need your help to start the course.

    I await his return, and I thank you.

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