• If you came across an integrity issue in your own context, what would be your approach to deal with it?
    As I have been working at the environment of promoting water integrity sector, we are directing toward the policy reforming and holding stakeholder consultation to prepare for the law. We request their vision and comments. Also we unite with…[Read more]

  • Have you personally been confronted with lack of integrity in the water sector?
    Actually, No. But as I have been participated in water related activities, I have seen many unsustainable strategy using in the water sector.

    Why should governments promote integrity in the water sector?
    Because, water is our lives and it is the commonwealth of the…[Read more]

  • Do you think there are more impacts than economic ones when it comes to corruption?
    yes, I think. There are many more impacts than economic.

    Nowadays, the authority make the list of country in the ascending order of eliminating corruption. According to this, the last country’s image is not good and it also affect the social environmental by…[Read more]

  • “Corruption greases the wheels of development and make things happen! Vs “Corruption hinders development and will make it much more difficult and more expensive to reach the SDGs!”

    – Both are not wrong statement. In my view, corruption is present there as usual even though we, government try to disappear in the future. It always present in many…[Read more]

  • The sector of state’s economy and marginalized, poor and disabled people’s interest will be affected if integrity and anti-corruption are least addressed in the governance of water resources and services. We need effective governance first and minimum required conditions are accountability, responsibility and public’s active participation in order…[Read more]

  • Ayebale and mayhps are now connections

  • Hello Everybody,

    My name is Hnin Phyu Sin but you can call me Hnin. I graduated with the major of Forestry and currently working for the national river basin management project. I am very enthusiastic person in doing environmental concerned works and I am very friendly. I really hope this course will make me to be able understand about the water…[Read more]