• Hello Everyone, Ayebale Ared from Uganda, if the enterprise has a business plan, sufficient cash flow compitent staff, the gratest challange that can be faced is Granf corruption(bribery) where other non competent firms bribe with huge sums of money to win contracts or bid lower prices which can lead to substandadrd work and win on the basis of “…[Read more]

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    Hello everyone here, am Ayebale Ared from Uganda working with Welthungerhilfe on a WASH project as a supervisor drilling works.
    I have 4 years of experience in boreholes’ construction supervion and i hope to add a lot from colleagues and the course materials

    Best wihes


  • Thanks Ivann, Borehole siting is getting under good control with the ministry of water and environment trying follow up (The small challenger which will also eventually get addressed is some of the hydrogeologists who want to take short cuts to move faster and when not supervised can somehow compromise.
    I work with an organisation called WELTHUNGERHILFE.

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  • According to JMP report 2015, 72.8% of drinking water comes ground water in my country (uganda), Yes there is a national data base on water resourcees an is managed by ministry of water and environment.In an organisation i work with (welthungerhilfe), the contractor is responsible for doing the siting on a condition that the surveyor is a…[Read more]

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  • Hello every one,
    On statement 1, “Corruption greases the wheels of development and make things happen!”, This statement holds true for those with corrupt minds of concetrating on individual growth but puts the inferior and maginalised at a greater risk, this the evil thinking we should fight.

    On statement 2, “Corruption hinders development and w…[Read more]

  • Hello Every one,
    Hope everything is alright out there.
    How do the examples in the videos relate to the four pillars of the Integrity Wall as pictured in the Water Integrity Global Outlook 2016?
    In the videos shown, i come to realize indeed to achieve integrity in all kinds of lives, the last resort would still be Transparency, Accountability,…[Read more]

  • Have you personally been confronted with lack of integrity in the water sector?
    Yes, When i was working with TGS water ltd (private contractor), there is time when we failed to win the contract of drilling boreholes just because we did not pay the kick back in some NGO. This was told to me when i tried to follow up and we lost like that.

    Why…[Read more]

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  • Thanks James Leten
    Among the measures, i would suggest as all stakeholders take participation, there should be practiced punishments to the caught corruption practitioners at all levels. The petty corruption category to me seems the worst to the poor and marginalised, won’t organisations, civil sociaties and other bodies have let say suggestion…[Read more]

  • this is really serious and good to know.
    This gives a strong reason to fight corruption in the water sector

  • I very much agree with santiagonunezr87
    Corruption does not only affect economy but actually affects social, political and environmental developments
    A case is where for forexample, a driller is bribed in drilling boreholes, the recommended designs are altered in saving on materials and this of course affects the benefially, wastes donars’ money…[Read more]

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  • Hello every one in this session
    I would like to first thank the coordinator and the team for the good job being done .
    Back to the queston, and in my opinion, In developing countries, inegrity and anti corruption are really some of the least addressed because the responsible personels who should trigger them are partly or fully at times involved.…[Read more]

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  • Hi Every body here,
    My Name is Ayebale Ared and i work for a non governmental organisation called Welthungerhilfe in Uganda.
    I work as a supervisor drilling works and we are currently dealing with a WASH project in Eastern uganda in partnership with Charity:Water.
    Am grateful to be part of this interesting team and hope to learn and understand…[Read more]

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