• Dear Kees,
    In response to the question given below , I am trying to discuss some important points belongs to my Area i,e Sindh, Pakistan.

    Think of factors that contribute to drought risk in your areas and the corresponding measures for preparedness and emergency. How effective are they?

    Pakistan is situated in South Asia and positioned between…[Read more]

  • Dear Carlos

    In response to given question i.e

    “Is there any strategic plan for drought events in your country?
    Could you please explain how it has been developed?”

    Pakistan is vulnerable to disaster risks from a range of hazards including avalanches, cyclones/storms, droughts, earthquakes, epidemics, floods, glacial lake outbursts,…[Read more]

  • Dear Carlos

    In response to given question i.e
    Who loses when a plan for drought risk management is not integrated or not effective?

    I would add that, Risk Management Planning can be described as identifying actions that can be taken by individual citizens, industry, government, and others before a hazard occurs to better adapt and respond to…[Read more]

  • Dear Dr. BobStefanski

    Monitoring and early warning systems aim at providing relevant information to policy decision makers in order to reduce the negative impacts of floods and drought.
    In Pakistan, different regions are vulnerable to drought during each season therefore authentic early warning seasonal forecasts are required to make reliable…[Read more]

  • Dear Hassing,

    Vulnerability is a function of sensitivity to present climatic variability, the risk of adverse future climate change and capacity to adapt. The extent to which climate change may damage or harm a system; vulnerability is a function of not only the systems’ sensitivity, but also its ability to adapt to new climatic conditions. There…[Read more]

  • Hello Shantha Mohan ,

    I am very much agreed with your ideas that the measurement of impacts resulting from droughts is both complex and challenging.
    However many steps are available which can be taken to generating systematic measurement of the impact of drought . In fact drought mitigation measures include a large number of actions, which can…[Read more]

  • I find these information very important and I want to share them.Drought results from a deficiency of precipitation from statistically normal (long-term average) amounts that, when extended over a season or especially over a longer period of time, is insufficient to meet the demands of human activities.Actually drought is a slow-onset, creeping…[Read more]

  • Hello every one. I am Shamim Memon from Pakistan , I am serving as Assistant professor in the department of Irrigation & Drainage, faculty of Agricultural Engineering, Sindh Agriculture University, Tandojam . PAKISTAN. I did my masters in Hydropower development fron Norweigian University of Science & Technology (NTNU ), Trondhein, Norway.I would…[Read more]

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