• I would like to make a statement for the second theme, regarding gender equality issues as a crucial to water management. The role of women is crucial to water management, as they are the ones, worldwide that uses water for different tasks and are the most interested to have access to running water 24/7. they understand the most the need to have…[Read more]

  • Discuss at least two intrinsic characteristics of water sector that that make it highly sensitive
    to and dependent on multi-level governance.
    Water is one of the sector that crosscuts the most with a lot of fields from development to everyday living. Two main intrinsic characteristics of the water sector that makes it highly sensitive are: access…[Read more]

  • A non – sewered sanitation delivery chain is based on four main steps, which involves different stakeholders that play certain roles to the entire success of the chain. These steps are:
    1. Access to toilet latrines and septic tanks this is the very first important key element to the chain, as the municipalities, through donors or other types of…[Read more]

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    Is there a possibility to have another Quiz for the Module?

  • I live in the city of Tirana, capital of Albania. My country is very rich in natural water resources, and water supply for consumers is ensured through natural water springs. The problem in my city and country, is not water scarcity, so far, but a very bad conventional water supply and waste water system in place. When it comes to principles of…[Read more]

  • I would like to vote for choice c – delivering IUWM requires either designing new institutions or improving the cooperation or co-ordination between existing institutions through governance structures, as in my country these last 5 years there has a been a messy development, when it comes to new design and new institutions in charge for…[Read more]

  • Hi Everyone. My name is Teida Shehi from Albania. I am a environmental engineer, specialized on energy branch master degree and I have another master degree on housing and land development. I have been working these last 10 years on environmental projects with NGOs and foreign donors on issues related to waste management, energy efficiency,…[Read more]

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